'Vidi Aquam / All Who Hear' (AMONG THE RUINS) LIVE recording and video!

The initial concept for Young Oceans was wholly ensconced in the studio ethic. Our goal was to record music we'd want to lie on the floor and listen to in the dark. More recently, now several albums in and having begun to play our catalog live together really for the first time, a new desire has grown. Namely, to discover a new visceral depth within these songs as we perform and experience them live. 

At least for us, this takes tremendous focus and vulnerability. It means coming out from behind the album artwork and being seen climbing into the poetry and the character night after night. It is hard word work but it can also yield a new level of intensity and truth.

So in an effort to share that exploration and perhaps spark more opportunities to have such experiences in future, we delved into a handful of songs across the catalog to record a live film and album entitled ‘Among The Ruins’. It was recorded and filmed completely live in the same style and setting we’ve been developing for Young Oceans' shows. We’re pleased to share the first of those tracks today across streaming and video outlets and hope you’ll enjoy the seeing and hearing as much as we did the making.

- Eric and Young Oceans

Young Oceans