PRE-SAVE 'Lead Me' LIVE to Spotify or Apple - out Feb 15th!

We interrupted the end of 2018 with the most earnest and introspective Christmas cheer we could muster.

THANK YOU for the incredible response to ‘ SONGS OF CHRISTMAS’ - we had a blast making it!

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming, the mini album and film ‘AMONG THE RUINS’.    If you’re just joining us… a bit of back story:  For years we’ve been writing and recording for this project.   Along the way many have wondered who the actual humans were making these records.  At the same time, we’ve had a growing interest in performing the songs live together, perhaps touring and bringing the songs to any who might join us in the experience.

As an experiment in that direction we decided to remedy some of the anonymity in Brooklyn last summer.  Joined by our friends at MasonJar Music, we spent a day in an art space in Brooklyn performing together live in the form and concept we’ve begun to develop for a Young Oceans live experience.  ‘Among The Ruins' is the result:  7 SONGS.  7 VIDEOS.  All recorded live and in the moment together.  

The next song we will share will be “Lead Me”, which I invite you to PRE-SAVE here.

The song and video release officially next Friday, Feb 15th.

Save it and it will pop up first thing that day. 

Most poetry is prayer.  Prayer unto a higher power.  Perhaps unto something deep within ourselves that we must access, or perish.  ‘Lead me’ is a supplication, a humble and desperate ask; to be united with the mind and heart of God amidst a violent and empty, man-made world.   This song is one of my favorites.  We hope its one of yours too.


Eric and co.  

Young Oceans